The Baltimore High School Film Festival was designed to bring together a community of high school age filmmakers to share their juried work on a large screen with an audience to encourage their passion for filmmaking. The BHFF provides an opportunity for students to showcase their work on a big screen, to family and friends, and a wider network of students and young people making films in other high schools, after school programs, or independently. The festival provides a platform to celebrate the students’ work, to connect educators, and to help build a community of like-minded people. BHFF’s goal is to reach more high school aged students in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties, and to ultimately grow it to a statewide film festival.

In the future, the festival would like to offer workshops for students and educators, with classes ranging from technical skills to classroom integration of video curriculum.



Beatriz Bufrahi


Since graduating with an MFA in Digital and Media Arts from UMBC, Bea has taught video and media literacy skills to Baltimore City area youth. Since 2004, she has served on the faculty of the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she is currently Film Department Head.  Witnessing an explosion of interest in storytelling through video among her students at BSA, Bea became aware of the need for an organization and outlet for the incredible creativity of young people. She started The Baltimore High School Film Festival in 2012 to address this need.  Bea has worked with several local educational organizations to produce short documentaries and in 2014, in collaboration with Thomas Ventimiglia, she produced The Founders, a documentary about the establishment  of the Baltimore School for the Arts. She is currently in post-production for the short film The Audition and in the development of the webisode Norma. She is producing a Saul Zaentz development recipient script When We Fall.